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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Coronavirus / Delta Variant / Omicron Variant Is Burning, Out Of Control, Across Ohio

 🔥 Coronavirus / Delta Variant / Omicron Variant is burning, out of control, across Ohio! 🔥 The Pandemic is as bad as it has ever been in Ohio and getting worse! 
The State of Ohio has a 7-Day Average Testing Positivity Rate of 18.8%, nearly quadrupling the CDC's recommended threshold of 5%!
Ohio has reported 80,695 Covid-19 cases from December 14 to 21. An average of 10,086 per day.
4,797 Covid-19 patients are currently hospitalized: with 1,206 in ICU. 81.78% of Ohio's ICU beds are occupied.
Ohio Department of Health reported 12,502 new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, December 22, 2021.
Then, the agency confirmed, to leave no doubt, that this was the highest "true" daily case count Ohio has seen so far; not counting days with backlogs or reporting from holidays.
It was December 14, 2020 when the first Covid-19 Vaccine inoculation was administered in the United States. As of December 21, 2021, only 6,383,048 Ohioans, just 54.61% of those eligible, are fully vaccinated. Far below the 70 to 85% necessary for effective herd immunity.
If you have been infected, the antibodies you have, whatever the number, are not as strong as those provided by full vaccination.
On December 13, we posted: The Omicron Variant is now officially in Northeast Ohio; it was identified by the Cleveland Clinic laboratory in one positive Covid test.
Scientists studying Omicron in Great Britain, where the variant is active, advise that you need to be fully vaccinated AND have received a booster to be protected. The New York Times reported that, as of December 18, only one in six Americans has received the booster.
On Friday, December 17, Governor Mike DeWine announced that 9 out of 10 hospitalized Covid-19 patients are unvaccinated.
That same day, ODH reported 434 deaths; the highest number since Ohio began reporting deaths twice a week in the Spring.
As of Monday, December 20, Omicron is now the dominant version of the Coronavirus in the United States; accounting for 73% of new infections last week. CDC numbers showed nearly a six-fold increase in omicron's share of infections in only one week.
Dr. Iahn Gonsenhauser, Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, said, “Where we’re seeing the vaccines are still very effective is in preventing any serious illness, we’re at the point now where our vaccines are no longer able to prevent infection at a reliable rate any longer,” 
Gonsenhauser added. “A two dose vaccine sequence is only about 20 percent effective at preventing an omicron infection. With the booster that prevention goes up to about 55 to 80 percent.”
Mitigate the spread of Coronavirus / Delta Variant / Omicron Variant:
1 Vaccinate / BOOST.
2 Maintain physical distance of at least 6 feet; avoid close contact.
3 Wear a mask, whether you're vaccinated or not.
4 Wash your hands, correctly and often.
5 When gathering indoors, be sure the space is as well ventilated as possible.
🔴 If you are not wearing a mask and you are exposed to Coronavirus / Delta Variant / Omicron Variant TODAY ~ whether you are vaccinated or not ~ you could be infected with Covid-19 any time from December 24 to January 4, 2022. 🔴

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