Thursday, August 20, 2020

Trolling Is Prohibited In Our Social Media Community


 We want to grow our Stark County, Ohio News and Views... Facebook fan page (that is, to build our community); our goal, at this point, is to reach 23,456 LIKES (fans).

 More important than adding fans, though, is having civil discourse and eliminating negativity. It should not be necessary to police the behavior of adults, but, sad to say, it is.

We will not tolerate uncivil behavior. Whether you agree or disagree with what we post is irrelevant

We ask little of you, to remain on the page.

 Be respectful, be honest, don't be insulting, don't be argumentative and comment on topic. No politicking Keep your anger off our page. Spamming is, of course, prohibited.

If you’re unable or unwilling to function as a responsible member of our community, you can remove yourself or we will remove you.

Removing people from the page who behave in this manner is inconsequential, we understand.

Because those people don’t care about being part of the community anyway. But, they're the human equivalent of Cancer and we don’t want our page to be infected.

We’d rather have fewer people on the page who are interested in and dedicated to promoting Stark County than a whole lot more people who are simply bad human beings.

 This should be perfectly clear and need no interpretation.

In conclusion, some people ask “Why am I seeing political posts on this page”. You’re not. Others say, “I thought this page was supposed to be free of politics". It is.

We’re apolitical.

We curate news, from Columbus, Washington and the presidential campaign trail which affects Stark County.

Donald Trump or Joe Biden appearing in a post, related to the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, Black Lives Matter, or other social issues, does not make it political.

You need not agree with our editorial decisions, but, really, there's no good reason to complain. Scroll by or unlike the page. 

 That's it.

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