Cover Photo, of the Stark County, Ohio Courthouse Bell Tower, by Anthony McCune.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Is Not A Political Issue!

Our  Stark County, Ohio News and Views... Facebook page is apolitical. We DO NOT (generally) oppose Donald Trump.

But, Donald Trump is primarily responsible for making the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic a political issue.WE OPPOSE THAT.

WE OPPOSE federal government (meaning Donald Trump's) response to Covid-19; WE OPPOSE what passes as Coronavirus policy; WE OPPOSE Trump and Mike Pence lying about Coronavirus and testing; WE OPPOSE Trump encourage 30%-40% of the electorate to be irresponsible, to be inconsiderate of others, to be dishonest, to be rude and to attack the media.

NO, WE DO NOT post FAKE NEWS regarding Novel Coronavirus, Covid-19, nor testing.
We devote time and effort to inform, to educate, to make Public Health a high priority and to help you stay safe.

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