Cover Photo, of the Stark County, Ohio Courthouse Bell Tower, by Anthony McCune.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Public Health Vs. Support For Donald Trump's Coronovirus Agenda

Sending this out to those of you who support Donald Trump's Novel Coronavirus Pandemic agenda.

You deny that Novel Coronavirus is a serious threat to public health. You minimize the risk. You are irresponsible and inconsiderate. You repeat Trump's lies. You refuse to wear a mask. You gather in large groups. You do not adhere to appropriate physical distance. You incorrectly blame an increasing number of infections on testing.


You insult and attack those of us who try to educate you. You criticize us for being responsible. You attack Governor DeWine because he refuses to take orders from Trump.

On May 6th, our Stark County, Ohio News and Views... Facebook page predicted Ohio would have a spike in new infections; around the dates of May 20 to June 5. Based on the schedule for Ohio business re-openings, we said the spike would continue through approximately June 30.

 We were insulted, criticized and attacked, by Trump supporters; our Coronavirus posts were trolled.

Due to YOUR BEHAVIOR, and unwavering support of Donald Trump's agenda, we will say again, as we did in early May, this situation could get bad enough that Ohio businesses are ordered to close again.

In conclusion, CORONAVIRUS IS NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE. Don't support Donald Trump"s effort to make it so.

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