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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Our Facebook Page Is Apolitical

The mission of Stark County, Ohio News and Views..., since the publication was founded in January, 2008, is to provide "new media" coverage of our community

A pioneer in community blogging, we inform, educate, influence and inspire. We serve as a vehicle to promote Stark County, quality of life and economic development, as a great place to live, an enjoyable place to visit and a productive place to do business.

This is our mission, plain and simple.

The emergence of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic and the murder of George Floyd, both impacting Stark County, have necessitated expansion, of our Stark County, Ohio News and Views... Facebook page, to serve as a curator of news.

Our Stark County, Ohio News and Views... Facebook page is apolitical.

Supporters of Donald Trump have asked "Why are we seeing politics on this page" and said "this page is not supposed to be political".

Serving as President of the United States is a JOB, which comes with power and responsibilities. It is not, as some people wish to portray it, a political position, where all manner of words and actions are related to politics; with the primary objectives to win re-election and accomplish the goals of the party in power.

Our Stark County, Ohio News and Views... Facebook page has not, does not and will not post political content concerning the presidency of Donald Trump.

We have, we do and we will post about Donald Trump in relation to the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic and the Black Lives Matter response to George Floyd's murder.

These issues do have political components, as anything and everything which involves legislation does, but neither is a POLITICAL ISSUE in and of itself. Neither are our posts "political"

These are Public Health and Social Justice matters, which are well within our publication's perview.

We welcome your comments on this topic and invite you to call our Reader Response Line at (330) 353-9456.

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