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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

As I See It

Variations of the "stay home" comment are bothersome; as I see it posted, frequently, by ignorant people who lack empathy and behave irresponsibly.

People don't need to be told to "stay home" or "don't go" in response to their comments expressing concern about venues opening or events taking place.

Like it or not, when people gather... ignoring physical distancing and not wearing masks, it is a clear and present danger to Public Health.

The person writing the "stay home" reply comes across as though they feel, somehow, superior, that they have a false sense of grandeur.

It's often posted, I've noticed, by people who hide the content on their page from public view. Which universally raise questions and doubts about the authenticity of people who employ that practive.

There are a few valid reasons to keep content on your page private, though it is not typical behavior.

When time after time after time after time, you see that people who are trolling, writing ignorant, insulting, hateful comments, hide the content on their page from public view, you know that it's tactic to conceal what they believe, what they support and what they do. Evil.

Anthony McCune, Publisher
Stark County, Ohio News and Views...

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