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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Last Word


Out of FAIRNESS, to you, the fans who have actively supported our Stark County, Ohio News and Views... Facebook page, and TO MYSELF, I'm posting about the rambunctious political militancy which has shown its ugly face on our fan page for the past month-and-a-half.

Some people do not understand "media", so let's clear that up first. Stark County, Ohio News and Views... first went online in January, 2008; it is a blog, an online media publication.

Our agenda and our Point-Of-View is set by the Publisher; editorial decisions, what we do and how we do it, are made by the Publisher; what we allow in the comment section of our blog and each of our Social Media Channels, if anything, is decided by the Publisher; the voice of the publication is that of the Publisher. We don't employ an Editor, so the power and the responsibility lie exclusively with the Publisher; that's how it works.

You needn't agree with the Publisher, you needn't approve of editorial policies and/or decisions, It's not necessary for you to like the way things are done, in the blog or any of our Social Media channels.

Stark County, Ohio News and Views..., likewise, does not need your permission, your approval and/or your blessing, to believe, to support, to publish or to do anything. The publisher is responsible, you, as an individual reader, are not. 

 Other more "traditional", old school, publications in our community are profit-driven; content is limited to those who subscribe, it's necessary for you to pay for full access. We do not, what we publish is available to the general public with no requirement for you to pay. Ever.

Social Media channels you subscribe to, associated with publications you pay money to, are likely to allow you to post whatever you wish in their comment section. If you want to post about politics, you have a right to do so, based on their editorial decision, and the fact that you pay. You are able to insult and attack the publication, the writer, the post and/or their Publisher...because you pay. They may or may not allow you to post pictures to accompany your comment. They have an "obligation" to act in a "professional" manner, because you pay.

That concludes your lesson in "media" for today. Now, back to the shenanigans which have been occurring on our page since the first week of April. 

Comments have been posted calling "me" - that would be the Publisher of Stark County, Ohio News and Views... - scared, a coward, "brainwashed", suspicious, dangerous, rude, a bully, an idiot, lame, a liar, closed-minded, a hypocrite, irresponsible, "unprofessional", a control freak, a snowflake, a Censor and a fearmonger.

Oh, and one person suggested I'm a Journalism grad, who wasn't able to get a job. 😂  

People post untrue information; they choose to be disrespectful; they are mean and hateful, for no reason.

I was raised to be a positive force in the world; to make a difference; to be helpful...however I can, whenever I'm able. I've been a working writer for more than 40 years, have experience as a management consultant; am well versed in customer services best practices.   

What I do not allow, and will not silently stand by to see, is people using me, to take advantage of me. Nor will I be bullied. 

Stark County, Ohio News and Views... is committed to promoting Stark County as well as to inform and educate you about what's happening with the Coronavirus Pandemic; to do whatever I can to put information out which gives you the best chance of staying safe. That will not change.   

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